Terminal Window React Component with Keystroke Sounds

Yup, you read that right.

Here is a React component that will mock an OSX Terminal window, and play keystroke sounds to simulate typing.

See the demo at http://keystrokes.webmaestro.fr.

If you listen carefuly, you will notice that “space” and “enter” keys even have their specific sounds ! The audio samples were created by my homonymous friend Etienne. Together we have some more JavaScript sound design exercises in mind so stay tuned.

OSX Terminal window

The window is pure CSS and SVG. The console uses my favorite Fira Code monospace font.

It is also based on my actual ~/.bash_profile :
export PS1="\n[\e[0;31m\w\e[m]\n| > ".

It was made in the building process of a portfolio that should be available to you soon.

You can find the component code and CSS on GitHub.

Travel Routes WordPress Plugin

Easily add geographical tags on a map when you write a post, and it will automatically create new countries and localities terms. You can also order those locations randomly or by date to define your routes.

Use the map as a widget, and pick your own colors to customize it.

It is a SVG map that react to users actions (mouse over posts and terms links, click on route line…).


Enjoy folks.