I decided to become a developer early before my studies of Media and Communication. I specialized myself in web development (PHP, CSS, SQL, …) and worked a few years for communication agencies.

Because my main goal in life was to see the world, I then turned to contracting as a means to finance my travels by working remotely on short-term, fixed projects. During about four years I delivered full-stack websites (WordPress backends, JavaScript interfaces, web designs, …). From project management to client support, my time in the East improved not only my dedication to programming, but also my professional reliability.

Later in the West, I worked for nearly two years on more various and interesting projects (Computer Vision, Python APIs, JavaScript applications, …) for Colombian and American startups. I got involve in a broader range of solutions, and gain confidence in facing aspects of programming I wasn’t familiar with yet.

Back between London and Normandy I had the brilliant opportunity to work on medical software, and since a couple of years on building the future of the internet !

I always have some running side-projects to keep up to date with the fast evolution of our industry. I build web and desktop applications, I play with microcomputers, electronics, deep-learning, 3D, computer vision. I’m a proper nerd. I consider myself a Pragmatic Programmer, a documentation reader, a passionate coder.