Even though I wrote my first HTML years ago, I only decided to become a developer during my studies of Media and Communication. I specialized myself in web development (PHP, CSS, SQL, …) and worked for an agency for a couple of years.

Because my main goal in life was to see the world, I then turned to contracting as a means to finance my travels by working remotely on short-term, fixed projects. During about four years I delivered full-stack websites (WordPress backends, JavaScript interfaces, web designs, …) to – mostly French – agencies from South Korea, Australia, Turkey, India, Thailand… From project management to client support, my time in the East improved not only my dedication to programming, but also my professional reliability.

More recently in the West, I worked – for nearly two years – on more various and interesting projects (Computer Vision, Python APIs, JavaScript applications, …) for Colombian and American startups. I discovered a lot, and gain confidence in facing aspects of programming I’m not familiar with yet.

I always have some running side-projects to keep up to date with the fast evolution of our industry. Yesterday I made desktop applications (React, Redux, Electron, …), today I use microcomputers and electronics (Internet of Things, Raspberry Pi, Python programs, …), tomorrow I will explore things like deep-learning or 3D (TensorFlow, Three, OpenCV, …).

I consider myself a Pragmatic Programmer, a documentation reader, a passionate coder. It has been great to be independent, but today I’m looking to join a team. My partner and I are settling here in London, where a fixed position would be ideal. But most importantly I want my career to blossom, and it cannot happen without great projects and the stimulation of minds together.

There is absolutely nothing I cannot move forward, nothing we cannot achieve together. Let me work on great projects, let me work for you.


Independant Developer

From November 2012 to this day / WebMaestro.Fr
I started as an Independent Developer by making websites for communication agencies and companies of various nationalities. I later specialized myself in developing full-stack applications and APIs.

Etienne is very reactive and efficient. I worked with him on several occasions during the last few years, on different kinds of digital projects. Etienne always gives me the results I expect, and knows how to achieve the best, with attention to the design and user experience. I highly recommend Etienne in your team !

Xavier Badaire

Full Stack Developer

From July 2016 to April 2017 / TrueFace.AI
I built a Python API over facial-recognition hardware, an Angular JavaScript client application to control door locks and stream cameras, a public API to access computer vision services, …

Maintenance Officer

From September 2011 to March 2012 / Australia / Morris Corporation
In a mine in the middle of the bush where the thermometer climbs up to 52°. Twelve hours of hard work a day, seven days a week, two weeks out of three.

Etienne is relied upon to organise and prioritise the tasks required to complete any maintenance issues. His work is methodical, thorough and very importantly he maintains the work area in a very neat and safe fashion. He is a self-starter and can be relied upon at all times. He is always willing to give beyond that which is required.

Mario Cimetta and John Hunter

Web Developer

From June 2009 to December 2010 / KlubGraphik
Employed by an advertising agency, I built websites of various sizes and styles.

Etienne has been a trusted collaborator for several years. He knows how to put himself at the service of projects, both on integration issues around CMS and on projects from scratch.

Alexandre Mercier


Graphic designer, fishmonger, animator, gardener… or at the factory : I financed my studies and part of my travels with “little jobs”.


Web Development

  • JavaScriptReact, Node, Express, Angular, Redux, Three, Electron, …
  • PythonFlask, OpenCV, Socket.IO, …, API and Servers
  • PHPWordPress Theme and Plugins, …
  • CSSSass, …
  • HTML
  • DatabasesSQL, NoSQL…
  • Responsive Webdesign, SEO, Visual Communication, Linux, Git, …

But most importantly there is nothing I cannot learn fast and be productive with.


I​​ am fluent in French and English, I have solid bases of Spanish, and I stammered a few words of Italian, Turkish and Gujarati.


I like to work quickly and well. I am self-taught, enthusiastic, tough and adaptable.


Pro Licence – Bachelor degree / 2009 / Caen University
Activities and Techniques of Communication – Webmaster

DUT – University Technical Diploma / 2008 / Saint-Lô IUT
Services and Networks of Communication

Baccalauréat / 2006 / Carentan College