Reddit API Front-End on React

Good morning everyone,

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website.

And it opens a cool API to engineer your own front-end.

So here comes my take on it :

It basically fetches JSON data, parses image and video sources, embedded players or templated content and turns it into optimized React components. The design is minimalistic and based entirely on Semantic UI.

With iframes, video players and heavy GIFs mixing over infinite scrolling, the main idea was to mount and unmount components depending on their visibility. And it was just too easy with react-lazyload.

I had some fun setting the volume of videos in relation to their position on the viewport. It works pretty well, try it out !

Terminal Window React Component with Keystroke Sounds

Yup, you read that right.

Here is a React component that will mock an OSX Terminal window, and play keystroke sounds to simulate typing.

See the demo at

If you listen carefuly, you will notice that “space” and “enter” keys even have their specific sounds ! The audio samples were created by my homonymous friend Etienne. Together we have some more JavaScript sound design exercises in mind so stay tuned.

OSX Terminal window

The window is pure CSS and SVG. The console uses my favorite Fira Code monospace font.

It is also based on my actual ~/.bash_profile :
export PS1="\n[\e[0;31m\w\e[m]\n| > ".

It was made in the building process of a portfolio that should be available to you soon.

You can find the component code and CSS on GitHub.